Danbury Crook Sentenced to Federal Prison

Ian Bick, 21, was sentenced to three years in federal prison.
(Photo courtesy of Facebook.)

Thursday, November 7, 2016 (Issue #2)
by Brenadan Dyer, Crime Editor

.   .   .

A Danbury man was sentenced to three years in federal prison and three years of supervised release Wednesday for defrauding investors.

Ian Bick, 21, a self-proclaimed entrepreneur, was a person of interest in Danbury for the past few years. At 18-years-old, Bick took ownership of Tuxedo Junction on Ives Street in Danbury where he hosted concerts.

In the following years, Bick opened a burger joint called “Bick’s Burgers” located at 14 Ives Street. Bick worked in conjunction with his father, chef Michael Bick of Some Things Fishy Catering, according to CT Bites, a food review site based in Connecticut. The restaurant closed sometime in 2014.

According to U.S. Attorney Dierdre M. Daly, Bick went on to open various businesses named, This Is Where It’s At Entertainment, LLC, Planet Youth Entertainment, W&B Wholesale, LLC, and W&B Investments, LLC.

Bick operated these Danbury-based entities through which he solicited investment funds from friends, former classmates and their parents.

Bick promised high returns from investments by purchasing electronics such as iPhones, tablets, and headphones then reselling them on the Internet at inflated prices.

The electronics business Bick began never took hold and returned little profit. Bick then promised certain investors that he would generate high returns by using funds to promote concerts at various venues in Connecticut and Rhode Island. He falsely represented that he made any significant profit by organizing such events in the past.

Following his failed endeavors, Bick used the invested funds to build businesses outside of what the funds were for and for personal expenses. Bick stayed at hotels, visited casinos and purchased jet skis.

While out on his $250,000 bond, Bick took at least six unauthorized casino visits in New York. In his hearing on Oct. 4, Bick’s bond was revoked and sent to jail for his post-conviction conduct.

After his three-year prison sentence, Bick is sentenced to three years of supervised release. The first year will be spent in home confinement.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation led this investigation and concluded that Bick defrauded 15 or more investors out of a total of $480,635. Bick is ordered to make full restitution to his victims.


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