They’re Here: Clown Creeps

State Police said that while is is not illegal to dress as a clown, those instilling fear will be treated as criminals.
(Photo courtesy of Ali Bauman/CBS2 New York.)

Thursday, November 7, 2016 (Issue #2)
by Brendan Dyer, Crime Editor

.   .   .

In what police are calling “no laughing matter,” people masquerading as clowns are striking fear into communities across the United States.

The trend has reached Western Connecticut State University and New Milford with alleged sightings early last week. WCSU police said in a release to the university staff and students that the clown sightings are likely a hoax.

State police say that it is not illegal to dress as a clown, but those doing it in order to impose fear into others or terrorize communities over social media will be treated as criminals.

Police remind that it is a waste of resources and time to either falsely claim there is a clown or to dress as one without any real intent to cause harm. Resources would be better spent on real crime.

Members of a community in Danbury are growing concerned with the new trend as Halloween approaches. Spirit Halloween, a seasonal costume store on Newtown Rd. in Danbury, carries clown-wear and face paint.

Although the manager of the Halloween retail location refused comment on the clown up-rise, one customer, Marcy, 26, of Danbury commented, “I think the store should somehow keep track of who buys clown stuff.”

Sources indicate that clown attire is also carried at Wal-mart and Party Depot, both in Danbury, Conn.


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