‘Horses for Heroes’ Offers Rides for Vets

Monday, November 28, 2016 (Issue #3)
by Alana Branch, Veterans Affairs Editor

.   .   .

Among the many remedies for a down-and-out veteran—music, travelling, reading—horses appear to be the next big thing.

A program at Newberry Farm in Columbia, Conn. called “Horses for Heroes” welcomes veterans every week for a ride.

C.K. Bellone is the owner and lead instructor, and has been involved with therapeutic riding since the 80s.

“It helps them [veterans] gain control of themselves physically, socially and emotionally,” Bellone tells FOX 61 news. “They gain control of something bigger than themselves.”

Among the current 18 veterans involved in the program is Carlita Cotton, retired from the Air Force, who says that riding horses has helped her injured back. According to Newberry Farm’s website, “Physically, the gait of the horse stimulates the rider’s pelvis and trunk,” and can correct muscle tone, balance, and posture. Its affordable services also satisfy the mind and the heart, gaining one’s confidence and developing relationships all while learning the ins and outs of the horse.

Families of veterans are also welcome! There are enough horses to go around.


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