The Foothills Reporter is based out of Professor James J. Lomuscio’s Editorial Environment class at Western Connecticut State University. The publication is a collaboration between Professor Lomuscio and his students to create an objective newspaper in the 21st century. Be sure to pick us up every two weeks at Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) in Danbury, Connecticut, and surrounding areas.


  • Victoria Arbour · Copy Editor/Asst. Production Editor
  • Ian Boisvert · Managing Editor
  • Alana Branch · Veterans Affairs Editor
  • Susan Brown · Copy Editor, Health
  • Brendan Dyer · Crime Editor
  • Jessica Joseph · Housing Editor
  • Britta Kallstrom · Arts & Entertainment Editor
  • Rachel Krate · Education Editor
  • James J. Lomuscio · Editor in Chief
  • Octavias Mckoy · Associate Managing Editor
  • Michael C. Medeiros · Editorial Page Editor
  • Georgia Pimentel · Copy Editor
  • Austin Rick · Environment Editor
  • Corey William Steen · Business Editor/Digital Layout
  • Erica Stevens · Entertainment Editor
  • Ryan V. Stewart · Copy Editor/Website Editor
  • Steven Wasserman · Sports Editor
  • Kyle Venditti · Production Editor