Major Media Outlets Abandon Credibility

Monday, November 7, 2016 (Issue #2)
by Michael C. Medeiros, Opinion & Editorial Editor

.   .   .

Recently, former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson tweeted his summation of the mainstream media this election cycle, noting that, “it is obvious that the media has decided who the winner of this election should be.”

“By grossly overplaying its hand, the media has lost all credibility as a source for objective facts and surrendered its role as a neutral arbiter of political discourse,” Carson said.

He has a point. And although “liberal media bias” has long been a rallying cry of those on the right, recent revelations released by Wikileaks, along with undercover footage from investigative reporter James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, has given serious credence to their claims.

“It is obvious that the media has decided who the winner of this election should be. By grossly overplaying its hand, the media has lost all credibility as a source for objective facts and surrendered its role as a neutral arbiter of political discourse.”
—Ben Carson

In the beginning of October, Wikileaks released a batch of incriminating emails it had obtained from the hacked Gmail account of Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta. One of the email threads contained a suspicious chain of correspondence between Clinton Campaign Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri and former CNN contributor and current acting DNC Chair Donna Brazile.

The email appeared to suggest that Brazile tipped off the Clinton Campaign on the questions that were going to be asked at an upcoming CNN primary debate between Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

“From time to time I get the questions in advance,” Brazile wrote. “Here’s one that worries me about HRC…”

She then included a question about the death penalty that was later asked to Clinton verbatim at the town hall-style debate.

In another set of emails, CNBC anchor and primary debate moderator John Harwood appeared to be advising the Clinton Campaign. And yet, even more threads reveal that Hillary Clinton herself was acting as if she was Editor-in Chief of the Boston Globe and the New York Times, approving (or disproving) of quotes and stories about her before they went to print.

Earlier this month, a batch of videos released by Project Veritas provided solid audio and video evidence, which seemed to expose communications, and more specifically, coordination between the Clinton Campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and the non-profit PAC Americans United for Change (which is a crime, by the way).

In one clip, Democracy Partners Chief Bob Creamer, a Democratic political operative who’s visited the White House over 300 times, told undercover reporters that Hillary Clinton gave orders to the PAC to have professional protesters to cause disruptions at Trump rallies.

The PAC paid professional disruptors to travel to Donald Trump rallies dressed in a Donald Duck suit, holding a sign that said, “Donald Trump ducks his tax returns.”

“In the end, it was the candidate, Hillary Clinton, the future president of the United States, who wanted ducks on the ground,” said Creamer to undercover reporters. “So, by God, we got ducks on the ground… don’t repeat that to anybody.”

It is quite interesting to note that when women came out of the woodwork and accused Trump of sexual assault, major news networks like CNN and MSNBC immediately took it as absolute fact, without any substantiation or proof. Yet, when Project Veritas provides legitimate documentation of voter fraud and other nefarious transgressions committed by the Clinton Campaign or The Democratic National Committee, the main stream media doesn’t believe anything they see or hear, all while labeling James O’Keefe a “discredited” journalist.

“If anything, this election has exposed the sad state of journalism in America.”

The left loves to throw around the word “fascism” when referring to Donald Trump, yet when presented with these facts, who is the real fascist? If fascism is the marriage of big business and government, Hillary is the true fascist.

If anything, this election has exposed the sad state of journalism in America. The degradation of the craft through unethical back-room deals and cozy relationships with corrupt politicians has eliminated any moral superiority the U.S. had over our super-power rivals Russia and China, and that is truly lamentable.


Crippling Connecticut: Gov. Malloy’s Mission

Governor Dannel Malloy.
(Photo courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.)

Thursday, October 13, 2016 (Issue #1)
by Michael C. Medeiros, Editorial Page Editor

.   .   .

Back in June, a study by George Mason University’s Mercatus Center found that Connecticut ranked dead last in terms of fiscal health, accumulating over $70 billion dollars in debt, a figure that is quickly rising due to out-of-control spending and runaway government regulation.

The study found that Connecticut’s fiscal position is “poor across all categories,” even beating Puerto Rico on the list, a territory which is essentially bankrupt.

“The state is heavily reliant on debt to finance its spending,” the study stated. “Total debt is $20.88 billion. Unfunded pensions are $83.31 billion on a guaranteed-to-be-paid basis, and other postemployment benefits (OPEB) are $19.53 billion. Total liabilities are equal to 53 percent of total state personal income.”

Under the watch of Democratic Governor Dannel P. Malloy and the completely Democratic state legislature, Connecticut has seen some of the largest tax hikes in modern history followed by an unprecedented exodus of businesses and industry from the state – General Electric, Rogers Corp. and Mossberg, to name a few. Health insurance giant Aetna and battery manufacture Duracell have also recently mulled the idea of leaving Connecticut.

Some may believe Hartford’s failings are due to a sickening combination of incompetence and ineptness, but the truth is even more startling: The fiscal decline of Connecticut was manufactured not by accident, but by design.

You see, driving the wealth out of Connecticut is exactly what the Democrats in Hartford want. Why? Because fewer companies mean fewer jobs, which causes more people to be reliant on handouts from state and federal government for sustenance, thus keeping the Democrats in power.

This strategy has proven brutally effective, further solidifying Democratic control of the state while simultaneously making Connecticut’s seven electoral votes guaranteed for Hillary Clinton this November.

However, if a perfect storm of high taxes, over-regulation, and low approval rating numbers for the governor can turn out the suburbs for Republican candidate Donald Trump, it may be a signal that Malloy’s days of crippling Connecticut are numbered.

Kaepernick’s Protests Send the Wrong Message

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, here pictured during a game.
(Photo courtesy of USA Today.)

Thursday, October 13, 2016 (Issue #1)
by Steven Wasserman, Staff Writer

.   .   .

When San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to sit down during the national anthem of an NFL football game, it sparked a national outrage.

Kaepernick said he was attempting bring awareness to racial injustice, an ongoing national issue, especially with regards to African Americans here in the United States. While Kaepernick’s cause can be viewed as somewhat noble, but the means by which he decided to spread his message was grossly distasteful and tone deaf.

Colin Kaepernick first protested during the national anthem on August 26, during a preseason NFL game against the Green Bay Packers. Since his initial protest, multiple players in the NFL, most notably Miami Dolphins running back Arian Foster and Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall, have joined in on the protest, opting to kneel during the anthem.

The protest eventually spread to collegiate and high school football teams, and even to cheerleading squads.

Kneeling or sitting down during the national anthem is blatantly disrespectful to our country, what it stands for, and all the men and women who have fought and died to protect our country and the freedoms which it bestows upon its citizens. There are a myriad of other ways to get a message across about racial injustice without disrespecting the country that we know to be the most free and democratic nation in the world.

There are plenty of other ways to protest racial injustice that would not have necessarily brought about such a negative reaction. Celebrities of all types should use their status to bring awareness to social issues (racial ones specifically), but in the right manner.

These days, we see many athletes taking to social media and expressing their views, which is perfectly acceptable and their God-give right. However, with a powerful medium like social media, sometimes there are major consequences if someone chooses to voice an opinion or belief.

There are multiple avenues Kaepernick can take to get his message across that do not include disrespecting the integrity of our country and the men and women who have given their lives for it.

While this country guarantees its citizens freedom of expression and freedom of speech, out of respect, Americans should never use those rights to disrespect the country itself.

Unhealthy Alliance: How the Media’s Relationship with the Political Class Is Medieval

Trump has become notable for his dismissal of political correctness in the media.
(Illustration courtesy of Ben Garrison and Grrrgraphics.)

Thursday, October 13, 2016 (Issue #1)
by Michael C. Medeiros, Editorial Page Editor

.   .   .

A 2015 article written by former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan possibly best demonstrates the peculiar relationship between the modern mainstream media and the political of the United States.

“Why the Liberal Media Hates Trump,” begins with a quick political analysis of medieval Europe, saying how “in the feudal era there were the ‘three estates’ — the clergy, the nobility and the commons.” These three components made up the socio-political structure of society during that time.

Buchanan continues to explain how “the first and second [estates] were eradicated” with the French Revolution, which then gave way to the rise of a fourth estate — the press.

Over hundreds of years, “the press,” as it was once known, has mutated into “the mainstream media.” Now, this fourth estate has metastasized to the point where it has completely filled the void left by the first estate, the Clergy, and has now replaced its role in society as the leading moral authority.

Hear me out:

Today, the personal relationships between the political class and the media are very much akin to the types of personal relationships the nobility had with members of the clergy.

In the medieval era it was not uncommon for nobles to send at least one of their sons to the monastery to become part of the Church. Similar to today, many members of the political ruling elite have members of their families directly tied to major media corporations. Think you’re going to graduate with a degree in journalism from a state school and effortlessly slide into a primetime slot on network TV? Probably not. But if your name is Brzezinski, Cuomo, Vanderbilt, or McCain, things may be a bit different.

Think Henry VIII and Cardinal Wolsey. Just as the intimate ties between the Church and State dictated policy in the past, the current relationship between the political class and the mainstream media is no different. — And that’s without getting into the “journalists” who coordinate their tweets with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Aside from that however, the most glaring argument in favor of Buchanan’s assertion is the pure function of the mainstream media as it exists today: a far-reaching, self proclaimed, morally superior body of authority that tries to control the narrative of what the world is, how it came to be, and what goes on in it. Sound familiar?

The only difference is the mainstream media doesn’t use God or the Bible to guilt or shame people into “toeing the party line.” Instead, they use political correctness to subliminally control the masses, maintaining that only certain opinions and beliefs are “correct, “despite whatever the truth may actually be.

If someone utters a politically incorrect thought or idea, the mainstream media will quickly shut down all debate by labeling that person a racist, xenophobe, or bigot. They’ll quickly point out the heresy and demand that the heretic recant their statements, as they are then publicly shamed on the TV news cycle until the next heretic comes along and voices an opinion that isn’t the “correct” one. If their technique works correctly, the political heretic will forever be publicly disgraced. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Just as the Church did, the modern mainstream media clamps down on free speech and automatically discredits any alternative news sources or narrative by labeling them “false.”

As you can see, absolute power of the mainstream media is undeniable. That’s why it makes sense that members from elite families are always joining its ranks. Being a “journalist” gives them power–power over what the masses are (and are not) allowed to think, say, or do. Only now, these orders don’t come from the heavenly father but rather, The State, the new arbiter of whatever morals are conducive to the progression of it’s totalitarian agenda.

When Will Justice Transcend Race?

Two women protesting as part of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.
(Photo courtesy of Otto Yamamoto via Flickr.)

Thursday, October 13, 2016 (Issue #1)
by Octavias McKoy, Associate Managing Editor

.   .   .

My uncle is a police sergeant for the New Haven Police Dept. in Connecticut. New Haven traditionally is one of the most crime-ridden cities in the state. He’s married to a beautiful white woman who I’ve grown to love dearly. I have three little biracial cousins who I’d die for, along with any other of my family members.


Not because they’re white, so they need to be treated differently, but because they are my family. My Uncle is one of the fairest men I know because he does not believe in racial separation. He believes in right and wrong, and that’s why he’s been able to hold a prominent position in his department.

Through him and many others, I’ve learned the importance of character and seeing only one race: the human race.

I have always seen things in this light, so after a heated debate with a classmate of mine, I realized that individuals get into coils over their unwillingness to agree to disagree.

Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs, but at some point we have to state truths.

There’s the truth, and then there’s people’s blatant disregard and chosen disagreement with that which is true.

I went home after my heated debate and asked myself: What did he say to trigger that type of reaction? Was I wrong for how I reacted? Could I have tried to listen a bit more?

I was surprised with the answers I gave myself.

The statement he made triggered an angry reaction from me because I admitted to myself that, yes, I was angry about the recent police-involved shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In my opinion, the shooting was senseless and unjust. His hands were up. To me, there is no way anyone with the intentions of hurting someone else can accomplish that with their hands in the air.

I was angry because as an African-American in this country, educated in this country, I cannot remember a time where my ancestors were ever in a position to be a physical, mental, emotional or any other kind of formidable threat to “White America.”

To me, it seems as though we’ve been getting killed for simply wanting to be treated fairly. We want to be able to leave our homes in the morning without fear of dying by the hands of the same people put in place to protect and serve all American citizens.

Maybe my definition of “all” is different from yours, but here meaning “to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing. Yet, for some strange reason there are still people who do not see African-Americans as a part of the “all.”

We have to still prove that we can hold the same positions as our white counterparts, which is astonishing. How can people in the right state of mind condone the killing of anyone with their hands raised up in submission?

Regardless of their ethnicity, that is wrong. Every single day of my life I fear that just driving my car to work to support my family can get me killed. That is a real fear for every African-American in this country.